How To: Growth Mindset 101

What happens at Denver airport, during the holidays, after 130+ flight cancellations, with two kids, a tired mom, and no checked bags – stays at Denver airport. Our most recent jaunt through Denver International was an experience to say the least. Hubby had driven back a day earlier (his work schedule is pretty tight). TheContinue reading “How To: Growth Mindset 101”

Holiday Stress Relief

The countdown is in full swing. Kids are amped for their winter break. Your parents, in-laws, siblings – they are all in-bound as we speak. You still have to get the house ready, wrap stuff, bake all the things, and take care of the regular to-dos. Yay for the holidays…. Right? First of all, rememberContinue reading “Holiday Stress Relief”

Bossy Kid? Or Future Boss?

I’ve dealt with a lot of kids, and I have to say some of them are SO bossy! Right?! Or… Do they just totally know what they want? Is there a difference?  Everyone just hold the phone for a second. (Is that still a thing?) Of course no one wants to admit that their littleContinue reading “Bossy Kid? Or Future Boss?”

From Powerless Observer to Empowered Game-Changer

It wasn’t until a few months ago that it really clicked in my head that I’ve been a victim of my past for pretty much all of my adult life. I had no idea. Me? A victim? Nah…. I had a decent childhood. I never went hungry or lived with horrible parents. Christmas was alwaysContinue reading “From Powerless Observer to Empowered Game-Changer”

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