Who We Are

Whole Mindset is a non-profit dedicated to helping parents and educators build stronger relationships with the young people in their lives through quality communication. We use online, in-person, and video trainings to help you develop growth mindset skills, positive language habits, relationship building exercises, and much more.


We’re helping parents and educators build a positive tomorrow for their young people through conscious communication.


We are lifelong learners here to help parents and educators guide their young people with a growth mindset.


We are parents. We understand how the pressures and stress of daily life can impact our relationships with our children. So, we coach with empathy for real-world results.


We are all part of one community or another. Through combined efforts, we can all be on the same page when it comes to developing our young people into successful adults.

What We Do

Through active engagement across social media, online training and coaching courses, podcasts, and weekly YouTube videos Whole Mindset strives to reach you in a way that is most comfortable and easily accessible. Online education has been proven to increase retention rates (from 10% in the past, to over 50% with online education).


We advocate community and parental involvement in education. We know students will demonstrate greater increases in behavior and social skills when their teachers and parents work together.


The time is now. We believe in providing sustainable solutions for measurable outcomes through actionable objectives. Our efforts will minimize the achievement gap, raise literacy levels, and lower behavioral challenges.

What Can We Do For You?

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